About Us was established solely to provide our clients with complete supply chain solutions at competitive prices. Our scope of supply is ever growing and includes Business and Industrial Spares and Work Place Equipment and Supplies; Maintenance Repair Operations (MROs), Optoelectronics, Measuring Instruments, Switches and Indicators, Semiconductors, Power Sources, Passives, Relays and Contactors, Gearboxes, Compressors, Inverter Drives.

Automation Solutions: Fuses and Circuit Breakers, Solenoids, Electric Motors, Contactors, PLC, instrumentation, Sensors and Transducers, Regulation and Control Solutions

Facility Maintenance and Safety: Fans, Cooling, and Heating Systems, Fire Protection, Heat Detection Equipment, Alarms, Sensors, Cabinets, Transformers, Ferrite Cores and Connectors

Light Sources: LED modules, Ribbons, bars, lighting, and miniature light sources

Mechanical: Locks, Feet, Wheels, Magnet, Clamps, Levers, Mounts, Knobs, Handles, Rings, etc

Computer Accessories and Power Supplies Units: Embedded and IoT systems, Wires and Cables, UPS, Computer adapters, Socket Strips

Specialty items: Pneumatics, Valves, Actuators, Regulators, Relays and Components, Pipes, Pumps, Seals, Bearings, Nuts and Bolts, Enclosures and Panels, Robotics and Prototyping

With continued success we have expanded as a business by growing our team, our premises and scope of supply while maintaining our core principles at keeping our prices competitive low while providing a high level of service.