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Acutesphere® does not allow the sale of inauthentic/counterfeit items, and sellers found to violate this may be banned from Acutesphere’s marketplace. All items offered for sale on Acutesphere® must be authentic. All items bearing a company's official brand name or logo must have been lawfully made by, for, or with the consent of that company, otherwise the seller is in violation of Acutesphere’s® Authentic Items policy.

Account Profile: Everyone can Buy or Sell. Accounts will be monitored frequently to ensure compliance to terms and conditions.

  • Don't forget to pay your seller. A bid is a binding contract and, unless the item has been ended by Acutesphere, you're obliged to pay the seller for that item.
  • If you've had any issues with a trading partner, try to resolve them before you leave negative or neutral feedback. Use your common sense and good judgement when leaving Feedback for other members, as what you write will be a permanent part of that person's record on

Guarantee: Buyer Protection: Refund Guaranteed.’s Buyer Protection is applicable only if Buyer pays via our online payment gateway or pays directly into an Acutesphere® Bank account. We advise sellers to list items accurately and exactly as is or Buyer could be entitled to 100% Refund if dissatisfied with item(s) purchased. If transaction is cash on delivery, it is considered a lead, Buyer Protection is not applicable.

Guarantee: Seller Protection: Acutesphere® offers a detection system that constantly monitors all transactions to ensure our marketplace is safe to sell. We enforce our Buying Practices and Seller Protection Policies so you sell confidently and focus on what matters most to the buyers. We encourage sellers to report buyers so we can monitor the buyer’s behavior, investigate and protect seller’s reputation.

Selling: Everybody registered on can sell. Literally. We encourage everybody 18 years and older to list products or services exactly as is. Sellers can block/unblock bidder(s) by adding/removing username to/from block list. Seller can cancel a bid for all listings if buyer requests bid cancellation, or if seller ends listing early. Report buyer(s). Report unpaid items

Buying: Everybody registered on can buy. Report seller(s). Report items not received Report Issues with buyer(s)

Payments: Payment options include online via our online gateway, paying directly into our bank account (email payment receipt to to be reconciled for seller to see) or cash on delivery. If user is not paying via our online payment gateway, user can only complete one transaction (unlimited items) at a time online. When payment is made then user can purchase again. if buyer is paying via online gateway and has 3 unpaid transactions, disable checkout option until all paid. Payments should be applied in order of age. We charge a renege fee of 10%, not to exceed N5000, if buyer purchases but doesn't pay after 7 days.

Shipping Mode: Acutesphere® leaves shipping of all products between Buyers and Sellers. We encourage Buyers and Seller to communicate constantly till each transaction is closed. We offer three shipping modes: Buyer picks up from seller(s), Seller delivers locally only to buyer(s) and Seller ships nationwide. We encourage buyers to review all details of each listing to ensure shipping mode is favorable before making purchase. Buyers are encouraged to communicate with Sellers to ensure Seller will accommodate needs prior to making purchases.

Refund: If buyer is not satisfied with product(s) purchased via our online payment gateway for any of the following reasons, inaccurate website description, defective product, doesn’t fit, missing parts, wrong item was sent etc., the buyer may either be entitled to a refund, repair or replacement within the listed refund window

Rewards: Once enrolled, Rewards are applicable to all users participating in online payment only transactions. Bank to Bank payment and Cash on Delivery are not application

Account Suspension: User Accounts will be suspended for violation of Acutesphere® terms and conditions. Violations include Buyer making purchases and not making payments at no fault of seller. Seller constantly listing items incorrectly. We may suspend or terminate the seller’s ability to sell on immediately, indefinitely, and without warning; and current or future payments held by Acutesphere® on the seller’s behalf may be forfeited, withheld, and applied towards the reimbursement of buyers.

Reviews: We encourage all users to review and comment on all product, user and transaction experiences to encourage honesty, integrity and enhance customer experiences


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